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  • NPP Gidriks LLC is a dealer of Shenzhou Group LTD

    NPP Gidriks LLC is a dealer of Shenzhou Group LTD and has the right to sell products manufactured by Shenzhou Group LTD in Russia and the CIS countries.

  • Operation methodoperation adjustment technology of horizontal screw centrifuge

    In the operation of horizontal screw centrifuge, especially in the operation of processing material separation, the operation of helix in centrifuge can be said to be the "soul" of horizontal screw centrifuge. Without the correct operation of helix, centrifuge can not realize its basic function.

  • Sludge harmless disposal requires action

    The sludge problem was listed in the first of the five typical cases in this circular. It can be seen that environmental inspectors also pay special attention to the problem of sludge treatment and disposal.

  • Non discharge method of wastewaterironsteel industry

    Some experts pointed out that the iron and steel industry should not excessively pursue "zero discharge of wastewater" at this stage, and should be promoted step by step from two aspects.

  • The improvement of water environment is unbalanceduncoordinated, so as to solve the problem of pollution

    Non point source pollution is rising to be the main contradiction restricting the continuous improvement of water environment. With the re enhancement of environmental protection, it is time to form a system for the prevention and control of non-point source pollution.

  • Sewage treatment plant becomes a big polluter due to sludge treatment

    Query the red and black polluting enterprises released by the provincial environmental protection department. The main reason for the poor credit rating is that the pollution emission exceeds the standard. In our province, all key state-controlled enterprises, including sewage treatment plants, iron and steel, thermal power and chemical industry, have realized on-line monitoring of pollution discharge.

  • Trend of domestic horizontal screw centrifuges

    Horizontal screw centrifuge equipment plays an important role in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, food, pharmacy and so on. It is mainly used to separate different materials.

  • Industry commentsthe effect of polyaluminium chloridesludge dewatering

    Urban treatment plants produce a large amount of sludge every day, which is difficult to treat because of its high moisture (more than 80%), large volume and easy to decay and stink With the increasing output of municipal sludge and industrial sludge year by year, many EU countries have formulated and implemented relevant environmental laws and regulations to prohibit the landfill of sludge containing biodegradable organics and encourage its incineration

  • General sludge treatment processthe industry

    Sewage treatment is a problem that many enterprises will consider when building factories, so it is very important to master the process flow of sewage treatment. For the process flow of sewage treatment, the sewage from the kitchen and restaurant enters the oil separator first, and then enters the regulating tank after removing large particles and oil slick.

  • New difficultiestechnical analysis of sludge treatment

    The process of sewage treatment does not simply transfer pollutants to sludge. The so-called sludge is actually a combination of various microorganisms and inorganic substances. In the sewage treatment process, most organic pollutants are transformed into their own cellular components such as protein, CO2, nitrogen and other substances through microbial degradation and conversion. However, there are many substances that are only adsorbed into microbial micelles.

  • Present situationdevelopment prospect of biomass fuel preparation technology by sludge mixing

    In order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by municipal sludge and realize the resource utilization of sludge, this paper expounds the current situation of sludge disposal at home and abroad, and introduces the research status of sludge mixing with coal to prepare sewage sludge coal water slurry, mixing with coal (semi coke) to prepare briquette fuel, and mixing with plant straw to prepare fuel to prepare biomass fuel.

  • Sludge reflux ratio 2-stage influent A / O process heavy oil processing effect

    Taking the heavy oil processing sewage which is the most difficult to meet the standard in the field of oil refining sewage treatment as the research object, based on the traditional A / O denitrification process design parameters, the biochemical denitrification process and parameters based on the two-stage influent A / O process were constructed, and the side line experimental research was carried out on site

  • Market analysis of sewage treatment

    The data of the real-time management system of urban sewage treatment plants of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development shows a huge market space: by the end of June 2015, a total of 3802 sewage treatment plants had been built in cities and towns across the country, of which only 860 were class I a projects. "The improvement of standards will undoubtedly expand the market scale of environmental protection equipment manufacturers.

  • Application of Rockwell Automation Monitoring Software RSView32sewage treatment system of decanter centrifuge

    The monitoring system of LWD430W centrifuge sewage treatment system is made by RSView32 monitoring software of Rockwell Automation Company. The production methods of basic items of monitoring system such as communication configuration, marking database establishment and data recording are introduced in detail, which can be used as a reference for relevant personnel.

  • Solutions to technical problems of centrifuge surge

    When the inlet pressure or flow decreases suddenly and is lower than the allowable operating point

  • Application of coal mine wastewatersolid-liquid separation

    In the design of coal mine sewage treatment plant, activated sludge process was adopted in the 1980s. Due to the low content of organic matter in sewage, microorganisms can not get the minimum nutrients during operation, so they can not form activated sludge and can not operate.

  • Latest discussionsludge treatment

    Sludge treatment technology includes sludge concentration, dehydration and drying. The existing technology in China is basically sludge thickening and dewatering technology. After sludge thickening and dewatering, the water content of sludge can only be reduced to about 80%, while developed countries are gradually requiring the water content of sludge to be reduced to 20% - 30%.

  • Analyze the characteristics of various centrifuges

    Sorted by time saving: horizontal screw centrifuge, horizontal scraper centrifuge, aut full-automatic centrifuge, cone basket centrifuge, scraper centrifuge, bag centrifuge, lower discharge centrifuge and upper discharge centrifuge

  • Comparison of development status of horizontal screw centrifuges at homeabroad

    The application of imported machines still accounts for a large proportion in China, especially in the field of sludge dewatering in industrial and municipal sewage treatment, especially in some newly-built municipal sewage treatment plants, and imported horizontal screw centrifuges account for a large proportion.

  • Classification of decanter centrifuges

    There are many kinds of horizontal screw centrifuges. According to the separation method, it can be divided into horizontal screw sedimentation centrifuge and horizontal screw filtration centrifuge. According to the flow direction of solid phase and material, it can be divided into countercurrent horizontal screw centrifuge and cocurrent horizontal screw centrifuge.

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