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Analyze the characteristics of various centrifuges

2021-05-28 11:22:03

Tripod centrifuge: the most common centrifuge, which has a wide range of uses, intermittent work, low cost and many models and varieties. The disadvantage is that it is troublesome to discharge and labor-intensive.

Flat centrifuge: high hygiene, good sealing, in line with GMP specifications, with the disadvantage of troublesome unloading

Hanging bag centrifuge: it has the advantages of convenient unloading and high safety. It can separate fine particles without damage. The disadvantage is high cost.

Scraper centrifuge: it is a popular product series with time-saving unloading and medium cost. The disadvantage is that the crystal material is damaged and it is not suitable to deal with finer particles.

Sedimentation centrifuge: suitable for processing materials with viscosity, extremely fine and large specific gravity difference. The disadvantage is that the moisture content of the treated materials is high, and sometimes secondary treatment is required.

Horizontal screw centrifuge: fully automatic centrifuge, which can complete feeding, separation, washing, dehydration and other processes at high speed. It is suitable for separating particles below 100 mesh.

Horizontal screw sedimentation centrifuge: fully automatic centrifuge, mainly used in sludge dewatering industry, with huge treatment capacity and high cost.

Sorted by time saving: horizontal screw centrifuge, horizontal scraper centrifuge, aut full-automatic centrifuge, cone basket centrifuge, scraper centrifuge, bag centrifuge, lower discharge centrifuge and upper discharge centrifuge