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The Py3 type integrated flocculant preparation device
  • Jinhua Shenzhou Centrifuge Co., Ltd.


The Py3 type integrated flocculant preparation device is suitable for the preparation and dosing of polymer organic flocculants. Users only need to add the dry powder of the medicament directly into the hopper of the equipment to realize fully automatic charging, dissolution, maturation, storage and measurement. In the process of adding medicine, the whole process does not require manual operation. Fully automatic operation. The equipment adopts a three-tank structure, which is used for mixing, maturation and storage. The supporting equipment is mainly composed of dry powder feeder, dosing screw, mixer, vibrator, agitator, liquid level controller, water supply system, screw dosing pump and control system. The device is safe, convenient and reliable to operate, and has a wide range of applications. It is especially suitable for the paper industry, industrial wastewater treatment and municipal sewage treatment plants, water plants and various industries that need to be suitable for adding flocculant solutions. The company can select materials according to customer requirements and user needs to meet the needs of various users.

Performance characteristics

a) Fully automatic operation, constant liquid concentration and accurate dosing.

b) The equipment has an exquisite structure and a small footprint.

c) The unique medicament infiltration and heating system avoids the agglomeration and uneven dissolution of dry powder.

d) The equipment supporting accessories adopt advanced imported components with long service life.

e) The equipment tank is made of corrosion-resistant and high-quality PP material, which is beautiful and durable.

f) Advanced control system, continuous, stable and safe operation of equipment.


Model Capacity(L/h) Power(KW) Hopper(L) Weight Material
Py3-500 500 1.0 55 210 304
Py3-1000 1000 1.0 55 360 304
Py3-1500 1500 1.0 110 420 304
Py3-2000 2000 3.0 110 500 304
Py3-3000 3000 3.0 200 650 304
Py3-5000 5000 3.0 350 900 304
Py3-8000 8000 3.0 550 1280 304

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